Most authors think so. A Garden of Pomegranates by Israel Regardie went into its second edition over 30 years ago. For it, Regardie gave a new introduction, explaining some of the comments he had made in the first edition some 40 years earlier. Regardie is no longer with us, and we felt that A Garden of Pomegranates needed an updating. A Garden of Pomegranates is the classic introduction to the magical Qabalah.

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Since then, it has achieved the status of a classic among texts on the Qabalah. The full annotations, critical commentary, and explanatory notes now make this book the ultimate single resource on the subject. The new material, including pathworkings, exercises, daily affirmations, rituals, meditations, and more, not only complement the original, full text included in this edition, but also make A Garden of Pomegranates indispensable for modern magicians.

This book is totally indespensable for anyone interested in the Practical Kabbalah. I only regret that I purchased three books which covered different aspects of the material contained in this volume without checking out the "Garden" first. Most modern texts are versions of bits and pieces of this one. There are also instructions for Scrying in the Sprit Vision and actual pathworking.

I only wish all modern writers on the Kabbalah took the approach the Ciceros do. That is, taking an existing classic, adding footnotes to clear up confusion, then giving practical suggestions for its usage. Highly, highly reccomended. He is the principal reliable source for much of what is known about the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. His writings and the students he has taught or influenced provide much of the foundation for modern Western occultism.

Israel Regardie was born in London to poor Jewish immigrant parents. With a Hebrew tutor he gained a linguistic knowledge which would prove invaluable in his later studies of the Qabalah. With easy access to the Library of Congress, he read widely and became interested in Theosophy, Hindu philosophy and yoga; he also joined the Rosicrucians at around this time. The two men parted company four years later in Two years later in , he joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

However, the book transformed the work of the Order into an entire new branch of the Western Occult Tradition. As Regardie observed in his A Garden of Pomegranates, " For it is the heritage of every man and woman - their spiritual birthright.


A Garden of Pomegranates: Skrying on the Tree of Life



Israel Regardie - A Garden Of Pomegranates (62.7 MB)



A Garden of Pomegranates


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