She is also the author—with J. Ellison—of the Brit in the FBI series. She lives in Sausalito, California. Read an Excerpt Sea Cliff, San Francisco Late Thursday night One week before Thanksgiving Judge Ramsey Hunt listened to the lapping water break against the rocks below, a sound that always brought him back into himself and centered him. Only the sound of the waves, he thought.

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Only the sound of the waves, he thought. Otherwise, it was dead silent, not even a distant fog horn blasting from the huge cargo ship that was nearing the Golden Gate through a veil of low lying fog. There was a light breeze ruffling the tree leaves and putting a light chop on the ocean below. It was chilly tonight.

He was glad Molly had tossed him his leather jacket on his way out. Ramsey looked up at the low-hanging half moon that seemed cold and alien tonight.

His ever-curious son Cal had asked him if he could sink his fingers into the pitted surface. Would it be hard, like his wooden Ford truck, he wondered, or soft like ice cream? At least his day had ended well. Ramsey had long thought of her as his own daughter since he adopted her five years ago, and here she was, a prodigy, of all things.

He nearly burst with pride, Molly always said. Ramsey rested his elbows on the solid stone fence built when his boys had reached the age of exploration a year and a half ago. Better than nightmares about them tumbling off the sixty foot cliff into the mess of rocks and water below. He looked out across the entrance to the bay at the Marin Headlands, as stark and barren as the half moon above them.

Soon the winter rains would begin to green things up, as green as Ireland in some years, his second favorite place on earth after San Francisco. It was a blessing that this incredible stretch was all a national recreational area so he would never have to look at some guy sipping a nice fruity Chardonnay across from him on a condo balcony.

He noticed a lone boat, a Zodiac, sitting anchored below him, nearly as still as a small island in the ocean. There were no other boats around it that he could see. Who would be out so late, anchored in the open water? He saw no one aboard and for a moment he felt alarmed.

Had someone fallen overboard? No, whoever motored over in the Zodiac could easily have swum or waded to the narrow beach. But why? He wondered if he should call when he heard Molly open the family room door behind him. Is your favorite sea lion talking to you again? Other books in series.


Backfire (FBI Series #16)

Sherlock and Savich are back as the main characters and we we also get to spend time with Judge Ramsey Hunt and his family-we were introduced to them in The Target book 3 of the series. There are several plot lines going on at once and, for me, few scenes just felt like they were in the wrong the place I just have to see what happen next. What a book! The action is jam packed and the book has more twists and turns than that famous street in San Francisco. Judge Ramsey Hunt is shot at home shortly after halting a murder trial he has been presiding over. The Federal Prosecutor is missing and the defendants are sitting pretty.



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