Meet extraordinary women who dared to bring gender equality and other issues to the forefront. From overcoming oppression, to breaking rules, to reimagining the world or waging a rebellion, these women of history have a story to tell. Giulio used his connections in the intellectual world of Venice to showcase his daughter and to advance her career. Although it is unclear whether that accusation was true, a portrait by Bernardo Strozzi not of the same family , apparently of Barbara, has been interpreted as supporting this claim.

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Faut I find that a direct source can give such insight into the life of a historical character. The Musical Quarterly, Vol. Not only are the lyrics similar, but also listen for the hesitations, dissonances, and sob-like embellishments.

Born in in Venice, Barbara was the illegitimate daughter of the renowned poet Giulio Strozzi, and spent her life in very liberal circles within 17th-century Venetian Society.

Kneeling, I implore you to pity the miseries of a large family, and grant me pardon, so that my arguments will be heard by some tribunal; so eracpito even I might achieve that charitable relief that in this Most Serene State has never been denied to the tears of poverty. Second, her harmony is really… quite wacky.

Lagrime Mie Cantata s PDF of Score The lyrics of this piece are extraordinarily modern check out the translation and comparison to amorosoo more modern love laments.

I am persuaded that if the Most Excellent Tax Assessors had reflected with justice that I have four children in addition to my aged mother, and on my miserable fortunes, this harassment never would have occurred. And to top it all off, she was also a single mum to three children — apparently out of choice rather than necessity, which was virtually unheard of for the time. But, if this inconstant and treacherous lover denies me his faith, at least, o tears, be faithful to me until death.

My only pleasure is weeping, I only revel in my tears. Her accomplishments as a composer and performer are truly impressive, so why is it that she does not enjoy the acclaim of artists such as Henry Purcell and J. For me, reading this letter made Barbara Strozzi a real person with real concerns.

Sobbing heals me, sighing comforts me. You can hear the pain and grief in the voice of the singer as she emulates the sobs of an unrequited love. I believed that having, with this voluntary sacrifice, done my duty to the possible limit of my resources, I would never be constrained to do the impossible. Dead for so many years strlzzi she reached out of the frame and clasped me to her opulent bosom. The book, published inis proof and hope that Barbara Strozzi has impacted not only Western music, but also western society and culture.

Browse by See more Browse by. This is the amazing real-life story of the Venetian composer Barbara Strozzi who became one of the first women to have her music published in her own name.

In reality, the uncovered breast is likely to show her motherhood and her artistic temperament rather than her loose morals! Barbara Strozzi impacted western music not only by what she composed but who she was: Barbars, and perhaps because of the influence of her poet father, Strozzi took tremendous care taken over the setting of the texts, creating a really intimate relationship between the words and the music.

Some accounts have claimed amorkso she was a courtesan, but this is very unlikely to be true, and the reports are probably spurred on by the most famous portrait of her at the top of the pagein which she appears to have had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. Most of her work is written for accompanied female voice. Here are some quotes I found particularly amusing. As I started to read it I was surprised to find that it is a novel in which the protagonist is infatuated with Barbara Strozzi.

One can see clearly in the public books that I do not have anything listed in the property tax rolls, and God erzclito knows that if the little interest that comes to me from the Mint were lacking, I would surely have to beg for my sustenance from some other charity.

She leans back in her chair, her blouse well off her shoulders, her bodice lowered to expose amroso breasts, her left hand grasping the neck of a viola da gamba. Related Posts





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Barbara Strozzi



The Music of Barbara Strozzi


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