Kazigore Programjing event was very well received by the crowd and proved to be a stepping stone for more such endeavors to come. We are deeply honored to have organized an event for him! The Interactive sessions with Mr. While he transports the audience almost effortlessly to a dreamland of HACKING, what the general public misses out on is his love and dedication for his art, his professionalism with a personal touch, his down proramming earth nature and so many other finer details. Download Batch file programming -By Premkumar. S Black Hack: We feel immense pleasure to start our club activities with a huge feedback of appreciation and acknowledgement — Rtr.

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Plot[ edit ] Ramachandran aka Ram Vijay Sethupathi is a travel photographer. He visits his high school and is overcome by memories. So, a reunion is arranged through their school WhatsApp group. In , Ram and Jaanu have been friends and classmates in 10th grade. Jaanu is a talented singer. Ram develops a love for Jaanu and she reciprocates. Once their board exams are over, they have a moment with each other where Jaanu asks him not to forget her until they meet again after the holidays.

Jaanu Trisha arrives at the reunion and searches for Ram. She finds that Ram has left the school because his father had financial difficulties and his family relocated to Madras overnight. Jaanu is inconsolable and pines for Ram until she completes school. Ram and Jaanu finally meet and find it uncomfortable to interact with each other, but gradually get along.

After the reunion party, both go out on a drive. Jaanu reveals how she could not forget Ram and would have traded anything just to have met him once back then.

She narrates how circumstances forced her to marry someone else. Then, Ram asks Jaanu if she really does not remember the day he came to her college to meet her. Surprisingly, Jaanu refused to meet Ram and forbade him to contact her again. He returned sadly and never tried to meet her since then.

Jaanu is devastated listening to this and reveals that she never saw them at her college and thought it was her stalker who was troubling her. Ram tells that except for the mistake of assuming that she hated him, he knew everything about her life. He also tells about seeing her from afar at her wedding. Jaanu is heartbroken because she felt his presence and expected him to come for her until the last minute.

Both feel sad about their misfortune and finally come to terms with everything that happened in their lives. Jaanu expresses her desire to spend the final few hours with Ram before she catches the flight back home. They go out into the city and then to a restaurant and catch up on more memories. Jaanu obliges and narrates an improvised version of the time when Ram tried to meet Jaanu at her college.

She tells about how they finally met and made up and have been together ever since and got married. Ram feels awkward but tries his best to play along. The students leave and Ram and Jaanu get wet in the rain. So he asks her to visit his apartment to freshen up. At his apartment, Jaanu is visibly upset that Ram does not have a love life and requests him to move on and get married and have a family.

Ram shows Jaanu a collection of their old memories like love poems, dried flowers and their school uniforms. Jaanu is sad knowing that she will leave Chennai and Ram very soon. At the airport, Ram escorts her till the boarding gate and they bid a teary farewell.

Jaanu then gets into the flight and leaves. He folds them neatly, puts them along with his treasured collection of school memories and shuts the suitcase and screen cuts to black.


Premkumar S

EXE shell works. COM"; in those days it was effectively the only way to run programs, navigate through directories, create or delete directories, delete or copy files, and so on. These days, such tasks are usually done with the Windows Desktop and Windows Explorer. To tinker with CMD. EXE icon to get a popup menu with a "Copy" entry near the bottom. In any case, once copied, paste a shortcut to CMD.


Batch File Programming



Download Batch File Programming - By Premkumar. S.pdf





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