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Page 4 2. Pro-Picture Menu Setting Menu Advance Menu Information Menu Page 5: Important Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions Your BenQ projector is designed and tested to meet the latest standards for safety of infor- mation technology equipment. However, to ensure safe use of this product, it is important that you follow the instructions mentioned in this manual and marked on the product. Page 6 This product is capable of displaying inverted images for ceiling mount installation.

Page 7 Do not place liquids near or on the pro- jector. Liquids spilled into the projector may cause it to fail. Important Safety Instructions Page 8: Introduction Introduction Projector Features The projector integrates high-performance optical engine projection and a user-friendly design to deliver high reliability and ease of use. Page 9: Shipping Contents Shipping Contents The projector is shipped with the cables required for connection to a PC and to video equip- ment.

Carefully unpack and verify that you have all of the items shown below. If any of these items are missing, please contact your place of purchase. Turns the projector on or off. Menu Opens, saves and exits the on-screen menu.

Down 6 5 Up 3 Left Right 4 The 2 to 6 keys are used to select the desired menu items and to make adjustments. Refer to pages information. Press Blank again to restore the image.

Refer to page Preset According to the selected input signal, there are several picture setup options available: Vivid mode, Presentation mode, Gaming mode, Video mode, Cinema mode and Economic mode. Page Connection Connection When connecting a signal source to the projector, be sure to: Turn all equipment off before making any connections. Use the correct signal cables for each source. Ensure the cables are firmly inserted. Connecting to a Laptop or Desktop Computer A Mac adapter an optional accessory is needed if you are connecting to Macintosh comput- ers.

Page 16 Video devices Video cable Audio cable If the selected video image is not displayed after the projector is turned on and the correct video source has been selected, check that the video source is turned on and operating cor- rectly. Also check that the signal cables have been connected correctly. Page Installation Installation Choosing a Location Your projector is designed to be installed in the four installation configurations shown here: Floor front, Ceiling front, Floor rear, Ceiling rear.

Your room layout or personal preference will dictate which installation configuration you use. Floor front III. Page Adjusting The Height Adjusting the Height The projector is equipped with 1 quick-release adjuster foot and 2 rear adjuster feet.

These adjusters change the image height and projection angle. To adjust the projector, Lift the projector up and press the adjuster button to release the adjuster. Page 19 Screen size chart aspect ratio Distance Diagonal measurement from screen Minimum Maximum zoom zoom feet inch feet inch feet 2.

Page Operation The start up procedure takes about 30 seconds after pressing Power. In the later stage of start up, a default BenQ logo appears. Then, the projector starts to search for input signals. Page Shutdown Shutdown Press Power and a warn- ing message appears. Press Power a second time to turn the projector off.

The Power indicator light flashes orange and the lamp shuts down, the fans continue to run for approximately 90 sec- onds to cool down the projector.

Page Digital Keystone Correction Digital Keystone Correction Keystoning refers to the situation where the projected image is noticeably wider at either the top or bottom.

It occurs when the projector is not perpendicular to the screen. To correct this, you can perform the following steps. Page Source Selection Source Selection To sequentially select input sources, press the Source key on the projector control panel or the remote control. The selected source will be displayed at the bottom right of the screen for 3 seconds.

Auto Adjustment In some cases, you may need to optimize the picture quality. There are 10 different menu languages. Refer to page The following example describes the adjustment of the keystone.

Page Picture Menu 1. The brightness is emphasized in this mode. Vivid Mode: Is perfect for playing games. The color saturation and brightness are well-balanced. Page 28 Increases or decreases the color intensity of the image. Color Adjusts the color tones of the image. The higher the value, the more red- dish the image becomes.

The lower the value, the more greenish the image becomes. Tint Operation This function is not available when a PC input is selected. Page Pro-picture Menu 2. Auto Resize 1. Off There are two aspect ratio settings. Aspect Ratio 1. This function is avail- H Position able only when a PC Page Setting Menu 3. The range is from 5 to 60 seconds. Returns all settings to the factory preset values. Enables the user to select which logo screen will appear during projector User Logo start-up. Three modes are available: Default BenQ logo , black screen or blue screen.

Page Information Menu 5. Information Menu This menu shows you the current operating status of the projector. Source Shows the native resolution of the input signal. Resolution Preset Mode Shows the selected mode in Displays the number of hours the lamp has been used. Page Maintenance Maintenance Your projector needs little maintenance. Things you have to do on a regular basis are keep the lens clean.

Never remove any parts of the projector except the lamp. Contact your dealer if other parts needs replacing. Cleaning the Lens Clean the lens whenever you notice dirt or dust on the surface. Page Lamp Information Lamp Information Warning Message When the Lamp indicator lights up red or a message appears suggesting it is time to replace the lamp, please install a new lamp or consult your dealer.

An old lamp may cause a mal- function in the projector and in some instances the lamp may break. For more detailed information on lamp warnings, please refer to page Page 35 Step 1. Turn the power off and disconnect the projector from the wall socket. Step 2. Turn the projector over. Then loosen the screws and remove the lamp cover.

If the lamp is hot, avoid burns by waiting for 45 minutes until the lamp has cooled. Page Temp Information Temp Information When the Temperature warning light is on, it is warning you of the following possible prob- lems: The internal temperature is too high. The fans are not working.

Turn the projector off and contact qualified service personnel for further help. For more detailed information, please refer to "Indicators" Replace the projection lamp with a new one immediately. The lamp is not properly attached or the lamp is damaged. Please contact your dealer for assistance. Thermal events The projector has shutdown automatically.


Benq PB2140, PB2240 User Manual



Benq PB2140 User Manual


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