Immunizing agents Recommended immunization schedules will not be what? Compressed 6 Immunizations given at an interval shorter than the recommended interval may not provide adequate immune response and should not be counted as part of a primary series, unless part of what schedules accepted by the Centers for Disease Control CDC? Immunizing and Chemoprophylaxis 10 With regard to smallpox vaccinia vaccine, a specific pre-immunization screening form that assess the date of last menstrual period is required. For women whose last menstrual period was more than how many days, a pregnancy test is recommended? What are they?

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Must complete appropiate training in immunization science or via distance learning. Not required to be there during immmunization but be available for questions. Max 5 injections is practice is for comfort. How long is sufficient time to wait after giving the max 5 injections in site on the same day.

Live imms typically given simultaneously or at an interval of 4 or more weeks When should the 5 injection threshold be exceeded When vaccine recipient is deploying beyond medical resources for the imms needed is pregnancy screeninig required for child bearing age with vaccines not routinely required With imms what should be done with women of child bearing age Display a sign ask pregos to identify themselves.

If yes defer until pregnancy is done; unless benefits outweigh the risk. If uncertain defer until confirmitory test completed. True or False: Electronic Immunization Tracking Systems are the preferred record for immunization data. True A "Proponent" is someone with the authority to approve exceptions and waviers to a regulation or instruction. Chapter 5 True or False: It is required that a trained physician be present during the administration of vaccines. The Army Whose responsible for operating a Military Vaccine Office, providing military Services with a source of information and education of vaccine related activities.

The Army Individuals administering immunizations need to be properly trained in accordance with what four guideline authorities? The appropriate Surgeon General or CG—11, USCG Explain why immunizations given at intervals shorter than the recommended interval should not be counted as part of a primary series.

Because it may not provide adequate immune response. We know that immunizations given at intervals shorter than the recommended interval should not be counted as part of a primary series, because it may not provide adequate immune response, but there is one exception to the rule.

Whats the exception? In what case would it not be necessary to complete a series of immunizations that were previously started? If a medical contraindication exists or the person is no longer susceptible or likely to be exposed to the pathogen in question. True or False: When an initial series of a vaccine or toxoid is interrupted you should restart the interval of vaccines or just increase the dosage.

False When an initial series of a vaccine or toxoid is interrupted, what should be done to correct the interval? Delay doses as soon as feasible Not more than 5 vaccine injections will be given on the same day.

For what reason is this true? To minimize injections site discomfort.


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