She continued writing and worked as a freelance journalist for various publications, struggling to make ends meet for many years. She created a humorous column for the paper — Called "Sex and the City," the column was based on her own personal dating experiences and those of her friends. The series aired from through , and starred Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw , a socially active New York City sex and lifestyles columnist, a character whom Bushnell has stated was her alter ego. The series is now in syndication and was made into two film adaptations , released in and Bushnell began hosting a live weekly talk show on Sirius Satellite Radio in

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The one and the same author who wrote the widely-known "Sex and the City". I have always been suspicious of her writing talent though. When I finally had the chance to pick up the book and read it, my If there is an award for the most ridiculous and unrealistic book ever, I would award it to Lipstick Jungle, written by Candace Bushnell. When I finally had the chance to pick up the book and read it, my disappointment was so big I was practically devastated.

This is just bunch of crappy short stories which have no meaning and hard to relate to", so I said to myself after I finished reading it. A lot of my friends were in the same emotional wreck as I was after reading the book. All of them who idolise the four tough women in the series.

But after awhile, the disappointment healed and I decided to give Ms. Bushnell another chance by picking up another novel of hers. A similar one, I must say where it portrays four women all above 40s - way more mature than the characters in Sex and the City who were equally successful and with men in their lives.

I guessed that Ms. Bushnell was so obssessed in the characters of Sex and the City and somehow regretted at making their lives rather unsuccessful as described by their inability to find the right men and their struggle to make their ends meet after the last shopping spree at Manolo Blahnik or Chanel boutique. She tried to fix the characters in Lipstick Jungle where the women - who are mostly CEOs or at least directors of companies - never have problem in buying a diamond set let alone a pair of Jimmy Choos.

As much as Ms. Now I begin to wonder why dildo was created in the first place, eh? Whatever happened to equality? Similar to a normal family in the mid s only that now the husband is the wife and the wife is the husband? An underwear male model, of course - what else that is more effective in getting rid of boredom than having a steamy hot sex with an underwear male model? How come this is all so predictable?

The only character that is somewhat normal in this book is probably Victory Ford, the single designer who is trying to make a fortune with her clothing and her brand name. I read it and I got disappointed. Another zero for Ms. Bushnell, unfortunately. To view it, click here. Since the television series was about to come out, I thought I would read this book. I just saved myself and my tivo a lot of hours if the series is anything like the book. Nico, the magazine Editor-in-Chief, fights her way to the top, has an affair with a younger man, and ends it but never tells her husband.

Victory, a famous fashion designer, falls in love with a billionaire and decides she too would like to have that kind of money by working hard at fashion. I see this book as a ridiculous attempt to capture the experience of Sex In The City without any real drama.


Lipstick Jungle



Lipstick Jungle (2005)



Candace Bushnell




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