Autonomous Vehicle Digital Mobility We have entered a new era. The challenges of rapid urbanization across the world coupled with environmental issues are creating new forms of mobility. New technologies are providing solutions that are reshaping our cities, our lifestyles and the way we travel. Always a pioneer and tech leader, Valeo has been able to anticipate the changes redefining the auto world. By , hybrid and electric cars are expected to account for one-third of global automotive production as demand for combustion engines declines. A pioneer and world leader in the field of vehicle electrification, Valeo already equips one out of every three cars in the world with electrical systems that reduce CO2 emissions.

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Een voordelig aanbod waarmee u bespaart ten opzichte van Valeo Premium. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this catalogue is correct at the time of printing, but no warranty or representation is given or made as to the accuracy of such information and Valeo Service UK Ltd does not accept any liability whatsoever for any inaccuracies. Product references referred to in this catalogue may not be available in all countries.

No part of this publication may be reproduced by any means without the prior authorisation of Valeo Service UK Ltd. All orders for products are only accepted subject to the terms and conditions of Valeo Service UK Ltd. Photos et dessins non contractuels. Valeo Service Italia S. De ter zake van de producten in onze catalogi aangegeven bestemmingen en gedane aanbevelingen zijn gebaseerd op het wagenpark ten tijde van publicatie.

Valeo Service Benelux B. De technische eigenschappen van onze producten kunnen te allen tijde evolueren teneinde rekening te houden met technische en technologische verbeteringen.

Alcuni riferimenti presenti in questo catalogo non sono disponibili in tutti i paesi. Gli ordini sono regolamentati dalle condizioni generali di vendita di Valeo Service Italia S. Le Foto ed i disegni che appaiono nel catalogo sono puramente indicativi.

Bepaalde artikelen kunnen in bepaalde landen niet beschikbaar zijn. Orders zijn onderworpen aan de algemene verkoopvoorwaarden van Valeo Service Benelux B. De gehele of gedeeltelijke verveelvoudiging van deze uitgave zonder uitdrukkelijke voorafgaande schriftelijke toestemming van Valeo Service Benelux B. Die Fotos oder Zeichnungen in diesem Katalog dienen ausschliesslich der Veranschaulichung unserer Produkte.

Назначение и рекомендации по эксплуатации продукции, содержащиеся в наших каталогах, указываются с учетом состояния автомобильного парка на день ее появления. Технические характеристики нашей продукции могут претерпевать изменения в любой момент, с учетом усовершенствования технических и технологических процессов.

Некоторые виды продукции могут не иметься в наличии в отдельных странах. Фотографии и изображения продукции могут не в полной мере соответствовать оригиналам.


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