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It appears California has gotten more difficult on motorhome registration of an HDT. Vehicle Code. All said the exact same thing. It must be used only for RV use, i. You can never haul a trailer with a race car, show car, race bikes, motocross race items, etc.

You cannot even pull a trailer that has a wrap done to it, similar to the ones with the Monster Energy Drink seen around the country. If there is any compensation including trophies, cash, sponsor items, etc. All of them also state that the regulations state it "must be designed for human habitation", so it is required that there be a toilet and "cooking device" no specifics required.

A refrigerator is not required, but you must have a way of storing food products, so an electric cooler in the side box is acceptable. Doing all of that meets the requirements for CVC as a "Housecar", and you can legally register as a motorhome. For retitling purposes, the DMV requires a certified weight ticket, VIN verification, and a statement of facts of construction. I had my truck frame work, singling, brake controller, and fifth wheel hitch install done by a local truck dealer collision center, which itemized everything on the invoice and shows tax paid.

If you do the conversion yourself, keep proof of costs receipts. You will have to fill out a form showing what work was done and the costs involved.

You will then be taxed on the new value of the truck. It was much easier and cheaper to have it professionally done. Before getting the weight ticket, remove all you can. My tractor weighed Your title will then always show an unladed weight of , which is standard in California with all commercial trucks, and does not reflect the trucks true weight. Anything less than will show true unladed weight.

They handled all of the DMV for me. She is very familiar with the requirements and process. Sorry for the uncondensed version! It sounds much worse than it actually was! They have tried just about every DMV known to man and have had no luck. CA is also on the start of a new emissions law as it sounds like you already know. Then there is all the maintenance that follows, some say having the truck plugged in after every 16 hours of use for a min.

Try a search to see if anyone has got registered lately. One of the guys I knew, got his truck inspected by a 3rd party, non DMV or highway patrol verifier. It worked for a while. He was able to get the DMV to buy his story since all the paperwork was correct, but then the main Sacramento DMV kicked it back about a month later. Too many people are just going to the DMV and hoping for a miracle. First off, the truck must be properly converted. All officers I spoke to highly recommended removing all air lines and the replacing the commercial hitch with an RV hitch instead.

I removed my air lines and added a quick connect to the Emergency side and put a plug into the Service side. I also added a MaxBrake controller inside. All said appearance is everything to them, i. One other tidbit here is that when bobtailing your HDT no more than 2 axles , you may be in any lane on the highway and not restricted to the 2 right lanes.

Here is the 2nd biggest issue besides converting to 2 axles; you must take the converted truck for a VIN verification and have the "Vehicle Type" changed to "MH" by the person verifying! If this is not done, the truck VIN will always show it as a motor truck and MH registration will be illegal. As for licensing, you must have at least a "Non-Commercial Class A" if you are registered here. Air brake endorsement is not required unless your fifth wheel is equipped with them.

A Class B does not allow you to pull a fifth wheel equipped vehicle ever. For years I have used a Licensing service in Ontario, Ca. They are familiar with doing these and handled everything for me. When they finished at the DMV, they called me to come pick up my plate and new registration from them. Their info is posted below. Bracken Tax and License Service S. If anyone has any other questions, please feel free to contact me at scott theericksons.

I was waved in to a CHP roadside Commercial Vehicle Inspection that was happening, and as I rolled up and the officer looked at the plate and the side of the truck, he told me to go continue and have a great day, commenting "Nice setup!

The pending requirements are strictly for commercial motor vehicles. I was sent all of the paperwork regarding this by the State, and inquired about it as well. I met "the guy" a VIN verifier which eases the change from tractor to motorhome in an abandoned business parking lot. He was really impressed with the truck and what our plans are for it. A really nice guy whom I would recommend to anyone in N. California who needs to have the body type changed on their truck.

Definitely cheaper than driving to Ontario, CA to have them do it down there. Mobile Vehicle Verifier.


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