Nepali name- Nilo bikh Sanskrit synonyms Visalakarani, Apavisha, Vivisha, Vishahantri, Vishavairini — All these synonyms suggest towards anti toxic effect of the herb. Delphinine and staphisagrine. An alkaloid delphocurarine has been extracted from the root by Merck. Deterpene alkaloids —denudatine, denudatidine and from roots. Part used, dosage Dosage: grams of powder in divided dose per day. Sanskrit verse Benefits Jadwar — Delphinium denudatum benefits: Due to its hotness and pungency, it is used in treating cough, cold, asthma and respiratory disorders.

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Delphinium denudatum: Jadwar is a de-addiction herb By Syed Akbar Delphinium denudatum, known as Jadwar in Hindi and Urdu, is a plant that lives in high altitudes.

It once dominated many parts of high mountain regions including Himalayas. But today it is an endangered species and only a few plants are left. In Sanskrit it is called Nirvisha. The root of Delphinium is used in medical formulations in Unani and Ayurveda.

Research studies have shown that Delphinium has been quite useful in de-addiction of drug addicts. The root extract has been found to reduce the withdrawal symptoms in people on de-addiction therapy. Ayurveda and Unani doctors prescribe Delphinium for a number of diseases and health issues including treatment of infertility in men and menstrual problems in women.

It is a natural analgesic and is prescribed for relief from toothache. Herbal doctors also recommend Jadwar in treatment of fungal infections, skin diseases, asthma, cough, jaundice and nervous problems. It is considered as a natural blood purifier.

Jadwar is also prescribed for people who have digestive problems. It provides relief from painful wounds and inflammation.


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I think yes Delphinium denudatum looks like it in pics on th e net is it found in lower regions? Thank you I was confused about the leaf shape as the FOI site shows leaves of a different size and shape. FOI says it is found m and above but says flowering occurs June to August. I will try and photograph the base and the flowers properly tomorrow if the weather holds. I revisited the plant today and took several photos for record. You have to read all those Plant Hunters books to develop a jaundiced eye for their scientific reliability.


Jadwar (Delphinium denudatum) Indications, Dosage & Side effects

Habitat[ edit ] Delphinium denudatum is found on the outer ranges of western Himalayas from Kashmir to Kumaon at a height between and feet above sea level. Medicinal properties[ edit ] It is one of the important drugs used as indigenous medicine in India , especially in Unani medicine. The roots of the plant are reported to be useful in a variety of ailments such as aconite poisoning , brain diseases , fungal infection , piles and toothache as analgesic and astringent. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge. Jadwar Delphinium denudatum Wall.


Jadwar – Delphinium denudatum Uses, Research, Side effects


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