Dimitri Khalezov , a former officer of the Soviet nuclear intelligence, expressed his knowledge about the September 11, so-called terrorist attack on the United States. What Americans saw on their televisions as the reporting unfolds were attacks contrived by U. The footage that everyone saw showing the plane crashing into the World Trade Center WTC was digitally put together by the team working for the elite man and fed to the U. No planes crashed into the WTC; the terrorist attack was all make-believe.

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With this new realization we begin to look for subtle hints and clues that people we know and love might finally be ready to hear a different perspective.

The oppressive behavioral patterns and suppressive methodologies of a psychopathic elite hell bent on world domination are too easily recognized to be ignored now. These include perception management, social engineering, paid actors and provocateurs, controlled opposition, subversion, diversion, omission of facts and re-writing historical events of significance.

A somewhat bold statement perhaps, but how many of you have ever heard of Dimitri Khalezov and his 3rd TRUTH, let alone investigated it yourselves? Dimitri has also written an excellent book for FREE link at the end far more in depth and full of rare images that back up his testimony.

The first comes from former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney via her FB page , who was the first to publicly admit US political candidates are denied campaign funds if they refuse to sign a pledge to Israel first. Remember this? Ruthless and cunning.

Has capability to target U. This information is well worth noting and it is amazing how both MSM and even alternative media have ignored it. July Newer versions are likely available]. His youtube channel is HERE Also note that this information in no way negates the additional presence or use of thermite or explosives to ensure the towers would fall within the designated footprint.

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9/11; The Third Truth - An Inside Story by Soviet Nuclear Officer Dimitri Khalezov



The Third Truth - 911, by Dimitri Khalezov (free 11chapters)


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