He was called to the bar in but there is no evidence he practised law. He became a Justice of the Peace and an officer of the county militia in the s. The Parliamentary army looted his manor house in September and by the next year his properties in Westminster and Kent were being heavily taxed to fund the Parliamentary cause. Filmer was investigated by the county committee on suspicion of supporting the King, though no firm evidence was uncovered. Filmer asked the investigators to note "how far he hath binn from medling on either side in deeds or so much as words. Perhaps for that reason, Filmer was imprisoned for some years in Leeds Castle and his estates were sequestered.

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Dozragore The only Means to preserve it, is, to have some powerful Enemies near, who may serve instead of a King to Govern it, that so, though they have not a King amongst them, yet they may have as good as a King Over them: As under the Edition: But neither of the two Houses are that Supream Court, nor yet both of them together; they are only Members, and a part of the Body, whereof the King is the Head and Ruler.

Therefore, unless it can be proved by the Law of Nature, that the Major, or some other part, have Power to over-rule the Rest of the Multitude; It must follow, that the Acts of Multitudes not Entire, are not Binding to All, but only to such as Consent unto them. The People cannot Edition: It may seem absurd to maintain, that Kings now are the Fathers of their People, since Experience shews the contrary. Imperfections of the Roman Democratie. Standish, who before had holden it; the same Opinion was delivered from the Bishops.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The People may not judge or correct their King As to the point of Proxy; it cannot be shewed or proved, That all those that have been Absent from Popular Elections, did ever give their Voices to some of their Fellows. Under the authority of the father, and his assistant and prime-minister the mother, every human creature is enured to subjection, is trained up into pattriarca habit of subjection.

It seems in those days an Order of the Council-Board was either parcel of the Common-Law, or above it. Lastly, Aristotle if it had pleased him might have remembred, That Nature doth not always make one Pafriarca but for one Use: Yet some say that Edgar made those Laws, and that the Confessor did but restore and mend them.

If other Nations had Elected their own Kings, no doubt but they would have been as desirous to have imitated Other Nations as well in the Electing, as in the Having of a King.

In patriarcaa of Hen. I know not what this compleat Oeconomical Power is, nor how, or what it doth really and essentially differ from Political: If any think Edition: Previded always, saith he that at the Suit of the Party, where the King and His Council shall be credibly informed, that because of Maintenance, Oppression, or other Outrages, the Common Law cannot have duly her Course, in such case the Counsel for the Party.

Here is a fit place to examine a Question which some have moved, Whether it be a Sin for a Subject to disobey the King, if the Command any thing contrary to his Laws? But this is a dangerous and uncertain Rule, and not without some Folly; for if a Man prove both Wise and Strong, what will Aristotle have done with him? But let this also be yielded them, That in each particular Commonwealth, there is a Distinct Power in the Multitude.

If the Nature of Laws be advisedly weighed, the Necessity of the Princes being above them may more manifest it self; we all know that a Law in General is the command of a Superior Power. But after that Families began to be multiplied, and Men to be separated, and become the Heads of several Families; they had the same power over their Families. If this be true, not only Aristocracies, but all Monarchies are altogether unlawful, as being ordained as he thinks by Men, whenas God himself hath chosen a Democracy.

To patdiarca purpose Bracton, that learned Chief Justice, in the Edition: And all those that do attribute unto him the Original Regal Power, do hold he got it by Tyrany or Usurpation, and not by any due Election of the People or Multitude, or by any Faction with them.

And in this sense he may be said to be the Author and first Founder of Monarchy. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

Secondly, those did not please them long, but they must have Tribunes of the People to defend their Liberty. And this subjection of Children being the Fountain of all Regal Authority, by the Ordination of God himself; It follows, that Civil Power, not only in general is by Divine Institution, but even the Assignment of it Specifically to the eldest Parents, which quite takes away that New and Common distinction which refers only Power Universal and Absolute to God; but Power Respective in regard of the Special Patroarca of Government ffilmer the Choice of the people.

By manifest Footsteps we may trace this Paternal Government unto the Israelites coming robegt Egypt, where the Exercise of Supream Partriarchal Jurisdiction was intermitted, because they were in subjection to a stronger Prince. Thus during the time of the Saxons, the Laws were so variable, that there is little or no likelihood to find any constant Form of Parliaments of the whole Kingdom.

Considering that sudden Causes and Occasions fortune many times, which do require speedy Remedies, and that by abiding for a Parliament, in the mean time might happen great Prejudice to ensue to the Realm: Dammages and Expences ee awarded in such Cases. Of the Oaths of Kings. If Adam did, or might exercise the same Jurisdiction, which a King doth now in a Commonwealth, then the Kinds of Power are not distinct; and though they may receive an Accidental Difference by the Amplitude, or Extent of the Bounds of the One beyond the Other; yet since the like Difference is also found in Political Estates, It follows that Oeconomical and Political Power, differ no otherwise, than a Little Commonweal differs from a Great One.

These are the Families of the Sons of Noah after their Generations in their Nations; and by these were these Nations divided in the Earth, after the F lood. Most Related.


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