Electoral board members took position in the tent that had been set up for the declaration of lists of political parties retained or rejected for the twin legislative and municipal elections, scheduled for February 9, ended. The chairman of the board, Enow Abrams Egbe revealed that lists were filed by 35 political parties for the February 9, Legislative elections. Electoral board of ELECAM rejected 17 lists of candidates from 10 political parties, for non payment of caution, non respect of gender and sociological balance, no declaration on honour or tax certificates. During the proclamation some party leaders jumped in celebration after their lists were retained. In the municipal elections, lists were deposited, were accepted and 53 rejected. The UPC party will not take part in the twin elections of February 9, except otherwise decided by the Constitutional Council or the competent courts.

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This Monday, December 9, is a decisive day in the twin municipal and legislative elections of February 9, as the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon ELECAM will publish the lists of candidates retained for the two elections.

Information from the Directorate General of Elections indicate the ceremony which is a crucial part of the electoral process will start at 00 a. The publication of the lists of candidates for the two elections comes after the submission of nomination papers by the political parties that plan to run for the elections that lasted till October 25, After this phase ELECAM field structures took highest five days from the day of the submission of the nomination papers to forward the papers to the Directorate General of Elections.

On November 29, , the members of the Electoral Board started scrutinising the nomination papers and today, the results of their work will be made public. It will be a moment to break the suspense on the part of candidates aspiring to be elected Members of the National Assembly for the 10th legislative period of the National Assembly and municipal councillors. It will also end the suspense on the part of political parties who will know the constituencies where their lists have been retained for the legislative election and councils for municipal election.

This will obviously pave the way for the fine-tuning of campaign strategies and the filing of petitions in case of contestation of the decision of the Electoral Board of ELECAM. Keen political observers will also have statistics on the different localities and the parties running for elections therein. It shall forthwith notify the Constitutional Council of such list of candidates. The difference between the two elections comes at the level of competent institutions in case of disputes.

For the election of Members of the National Assembly, petitions are for either rejection or acceptance of lists are filed at the Constitutional Council.


Procès maurice kamto,FESPACO, déscentralisation au cameroun, nord west crisis

According to open sources, armed separatists fighting to secure the independence of a country they call Ambazonia opened fire on the convoy targeting Hon. Mbah Ndam for Batibo Constituency. Mbah Ndam is said to have emerged unhurt after soldiers successfully inflicted heavy casualties on the armed separatists. The election rerun in the aforementioned constituencies shall begin at 8. Net understands that the partial annulment of the outcome of the February 9, legislative elections came after the opposition Social Democratic Front, SDF, seized the Constitutional Council citing irregularities that breached laws relating to elections in the country. SDF lawyers and candidates had prayed the Constitutional Council to partially annul the elections on grounds of insecurity, and the creation of polling centres which disenfranchised their voters. Political pundits posit that this rerun may help improve the fortunes of the opposition SDF which emerged from the February 9 twin municipal and legislative elections with its worst performance ever — securing just five seats.


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