Profesor Instructor. M eth od : An observational, descriptive, longitudinal and prospective study in the sector No. The universe of the study was constituted by patients wearing prosthesis and the sample by individuals who were diagnosed the affection. R esults: The female sex was the most affected and it was more showed up in the age group from 45 to 54 years, followed by the one from 35 to 44 years. It was found that the lesion degree that prevailed was the grade II, mainly in the patients with a prosthesis period of use from six to ten years, followed by 20 sick persons that took from one to five years. Co nclusions : Of those affected 91 of them slept with the prosthesis and the grade II prevailed.

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Estomatitis Subprotesis

Diabetes is a predisposing factor for urinary tract and genital infections in both women and men. Candidiasis or thrush is a medical condition caused by candida albicans , a yeast -like fungus. Results from irritant or infection ; Fungal infection especially candida is most common cause in all ages. Candida Yeast in Urine Candida albicans is a yeast that occurs naturally in and on the body. Male yeast contamination signs, causes and treatments. When you go to the clotrimazole cream for balanitis to pass urine, pull the foreskin back so that urine does not get under the foreskin. Penile candidiasis shows symptoms like inflammation, irritation, redness, itching and swelling around the head of the penis, pain during intercourse and while urinating, lumpy discharge can be seen under the foreskin along with foul odor and difficulty in pulling back the foreskin.


Prevalence of subprosthesis stomatitis


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