Shop with confidence. Beatty, S. Zikmund, Barry J. New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Ontario. By Reflecting the latest developments from the field, the Fifth Edition features an increased emphasis on behavioral tracking, social networking, smart phones, and the resulting impact on marketing Exploring Marketing Research William G.

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The text focuses on students as managers, not practitioners, of marketing research. Students learn about traditional types of marketing research, such as designing questionnaires, as well as the latest technological developments that facilitate marketing research including data collection devices, data analysis tools, and practical approaches to data analysis. In addition, this edition places more emphasis on ethical and international issues relating to marketing research. Marketing research on the internet has moved from the introductory stage of its product life to the growth stage in the 21st century.

Technological developments and social diffusion of the internet has continued to shape the future of marketing research. This book reflects the changes in IT since the previous edition. Contents Pt. The role of marketing research 2. Information systems and knowledge management 3. The marketing research process 4. The human side of marketing research: organizational and ethical issues Pt. Beginning stages of the research process 5.

Problem definition: jump-starting the research process 6. Qualitative research tools 7. Secondary data research in a digital age Pt. Research designs for collecting primary data. Survey research: an overview 9. Survey research: basic methods of communication with respondents Observations Experimental research: an overview Test-markets and experimental design Pt. Measurement concepts.

Measurement Attitude measurement Pt. Sampling and fieldwork. Sampling designs and sampling procedures Determination of sample size: a review of statistical theory Fieldwork Pt. Data analysis and presentation. Editing and coding: transforming raw data into information Basic data analysis: descriptive statistics Univariate statistical analysis Bivariate statistical analysis: differences between two variables Bivariate statistical analysis: measures of association Introducing multivariate data analysis Communicating research results: research report, oral presentation, and research follow-up Pt.

Comprehensive cases with computerized databases.


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