Both are nearly identical, except for the lenses, so this review will look very much like the other one, with the lens differences pointed out when necessary. The Fuji GA was a very modern and expensive camera for the professional photographer or rich amateur back in the mid to late s. The Fuji GA is a medium format camera that is feature rich, including full manual operation, and fully automated controls for quick point and shoot snap shots. Do you like to write down your exposure settings for future use; well, you can keep your pencil in your pocket, the camera records the date and exposure settings along the film margins, not in the picture area! Manufactured by; Fuji Photo Film Co. Made in; Japan.

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It is succeeded by the Fujifilm GAi , released in It is based on a 7 element in 6 group lens design with a minimum focusing distance of 0. There is a screw-in shutter release cable socket on the right side of the body. A electronic self-timer is available with a delay of 10 seconds. The finder is in a portrait format orientation instead of the more common landscape format.

It is based on a 3 glass element reverse Galilean design. It has bright lines with moving parallax correction frame based on the focus area. It has additional information including aperture, shutter speed, focus distance m or ft , as well as exposure meter information. The exposure system is a center-weighted system using a silicon photo diode.

Exposure modes include P programmed auto, A aperture priority , and M manual exposure mode. Exposure modes can be changed with the dial near the eyepiece. A bulb mode is also available in manual exposure mode. There is a built-in pop-up flash with a GN of There is also a accessory hot shoe for external strobes, a flash unit that covers the 35mm focal length is recommended. The shoe can support up to 0. A dedicated unit was produced for this camera called GA Strobe. An accessory flash GA Bracket was also available.

It includes a grip mounted to the base of the camera, flash bracket and hot shoe adapter for sync cable. Exposure and date time information can be imprinted on the film outside the photo area. Press the data button to change the imprint data format. The year can be set from 19 94 to 20 The film transport is motorized with a automatic film advance. It also supports fully automatic film loading. This does not require matching the backing paper start mark to a body indicator for first frame loading.

This is done by a reflector sensor in the film chamber detects the presence of film or paper. The main up and down setting dial can be used to rotate the take up spool for easier leader insertion. Close the back and the camera detects the first frame. A electronic warning beep is emitted on the last frame of the roll. This sound can also be disabled by pressing and holding the self-timer button while off and rotating the mode dial to ISO. When the last exposure is complete, the film is wound automatically to the take up spool.

Mid-roll rewind is possible with a button on the base of the camera. It is able to capture 16 exposures on film, while using film yields 32 exposures. The film back is wrapped in a leatherette type material and has a film reminder memo holder for film box tops.

The approx number of frames shot on the camera can be display by pressing and holding the exposure comp button while camera is off and switching to ISO. This an averaged number and updates every frames or so. The LCD display located on the top has information such as exposure counter, shutter, aperture, ISO, or film, battery, flash, exposure comp, self timer, MF mode, date, time, focusing distance and total frame count.

The distance unit can be switched between meter and feet. The camera is powered by 2x CRA battery located on the base of the handgrip. It requires a coin or similar to unscrew the battery compartment.


Fujifilm Ga645i, Ga645wi Owners Manual

A limited series 15th Anniversary version was also available. It differs cosmetically with gold "Limited" script printed instead of "6x4. It succeeded the Fujifilm GA , released in The body of the camera looks nearly identical to the previous model, but it now supports an additional shutter release button on the face. It has a minimum focus distance of 0. Smaller apertures can use the faster shutter speeds.


Fujifilm GA645i



FujiFilm GA645 Owner's Manual


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