Augustan Culture: An Interpretive Introduction by Karl Galinsky It had changed my thinking about the Augustan poets and the degree of state control that was even possible at the time. In the fifth chapter G. Instead, Galinsky believes that the moral decline that is readily apparent by the reign of Nero culturre caused by the peace and general happiness that imperial rule largely ensured Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Preview — Augustan Culture by Karl Galinsky.

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Fell Even as the father was the head of the family, so Augustus was the father and head of the state. Imperator Caesar Augustus, where the nomen, Caesar, provided a historical basis for his auctoritas, which was itself etymologically related with his cognomen, Augustus, a name which, of course, had its own para-divine implications Does not the very fact that Ovid was exiled call into question the notion of artistic and poetic liberty that Galinsky believes to have been a consistent feature of Augustan culture?

Culturd analysis includes many insightful observations as he compares the wall paintings to various Ovidian vignettes, a tack that G. The representation of Caelus recalls the cuirass of the Prima Porta Augustus, while the quadriga depicted below it, Galinsky suggests, represents the apotheosis of Julius Caesar Augustus preferred to celebrate the memory of his adopted father.

He states that Augustan sculpture does not simply draw on a single Greek tradition, but on all of them. Second, Galinsky notes, Octavian adopted a number of soteriological attributes. Books by Karl Galinsky. The classicism that such allusion generates should be viewed as much in xulture of style as endeavor, and this classicism, which was far more than merely a revival and imitation of Culturd taste, had no antecedent in Roman literature or art.

Amy rated it really liked it Sep 15, I have suggested elsewhere MH45f. He also exiled his daughter, Julia, and his own grandson, Agrippa Postumus. Bryn Mawr Classical Review To my shame I read the key bits and then forgot to read the rest even though the bits I read have shaped my work and teaching since.

It is a grim fact that Augustus exiled Ovid, and that he ordered aughstan execution of many. Outside of Rome, the Augustales, who formed the basis augutan a new middle culturre cf. He contrasts the choices that Virgil posits for Aeneas to the simpler choice of the Homeric Achilles, who preferred a short and glorious life to a long one without recognition.

Vengeance and killing may have been a feature of this story and of the Roman psyche, but mercy is also a part, perhaps the most striking part, of this tale, as well. But the emperor was also himself especially blessed, and thus sacrifices could be made to the gods for him.

The figure of Aeneas on the altar clearly corresponds to the Aeneas of the Ara Pacis. The Belvedere altar, which dates from the last decade BC, also illustrates the synthesis and popularity of Augustan themes. Augustan Culture: An Interpretive Introduction It abounds with evidence and illustrations from the ancient sources, and it is au fait with recent scholarship. Regarding poetry, Galinsky does not tell us many things new, but he nicely brings together into a few pages current opinio communis.

Daniel rated it really liked it Apr 01, Augustus joined this society even though some of its members had formerly been his enemies. TOP Related Posts.


Augustan Culture: An Interpretive Introduction

In summary. It abounds with evidence and illustrations from the ancient sources, and it is au fait with recent scholarship. Corbeill puts forward provocative views, and, although I remain unpersuaded by most of them. I nevertheless believe that they should be closely considered by all students of the late Republic.



Yonris In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: In short, my objection to G. I eventually auugstan he wrote a book and decided to read it. Galinksy happily proposes himself and his scholarship as a product of our times. He demonstrates that Augustus himself seems to have made the association, as the inclusion of caryatids in the Temple of Mars Ultor also suggests, harking back to the Erechtheum cf. It includes a Victory figure and Augustus himself presenting statuettes of the Lares to Vestal Virgins.

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