Daramar This setting can also be controlled from the GUI. Multiple option sets can now be defined. It shows a timeout error after a few seconds. UNC roots are now valid destinations. Support Forum Support Form. Fixes problem with save as dialog selection being lost.

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Maugore Greek added as new language. All pages of your current output will be created with the first page of the superimposed PDF file as background. With that number as a base you can add the bit values of the permissions you want. Bllzip the above without having to run the setup program every time a user logs on.

Instructs Setup to suppress message boxes. WatermarkRotation The water mark can be rotated. If you want to have an MSI package for the setup program then we can recommend the enterprise edition or show you how to build you own customized MSI package for Windows Installer.

New macro to force empty fields such as ghpstscript and title. Download Ghostscript Fonts look nicer in different screen resolutions. Installation and unstallation now supports multiple instances of the program installed on the same computer.

Fix for running as a shared printer. New UseThumbs setting to show thumbnail pictures of pages when tr document is viewed. When the external bullxip has terminated the printing process will continue based on the changed settings in the settings file. This program will install itself as a printer on your computer. Supports hard coded license levels in redistribution builds.

Fix for problem with creating folders on UNC paths. Bug Radar removed from Windows 8 Start Menu. This setting can also be controlled from the GUI. Also see Setup Exit Codes.

Many translations were updated. New AfterPrintProgramDir setting in configuration files. The water mark can be rotated. Contents of an App folder placed next to the setup program is copied to the program folder during installation. Maximize button disabled in options dialog. Uninstall only removes printers where the AppFolder registry value matches the application folder being uninstalled.

Read more about the difference between Bullzip and bioPDF. Instances are now recognized by the options dialog. GUITimeout setting -1 problem fixed by keeping the document collector running until the Ghostscriptt has finished processing the job. Network Distribution If you want to distribute the printer driver to a lot of computers on your enterprise network this section will give you some ideas on how to do that.

Fix for background syntax. Problem with installing olepro Today there are a lot of ways to produce PDF documents. Keywords Keywords of the PDF document. Using this setting you can ghostscropt an external program which will be launched by the printer before the PDF document is generated. PDF compatibility level changed from 1. Removed dependency for Windows Scripting Host version 5. FileSystemObject has been removed. Print to printer after output is created.

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Yozshutilar Remember last used option set with support for hidden dialogs. Monitor removes postscript file if the job is discarded. Resolution is now fixed to vectors when merging PDF background. Fix for Korean Unicode license decoding.




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