Ik had dit toentertijd geschreven voor een aantal mensen in mijn vriendenkring, die dit boek hadden gelezen en met wie ik er veel over discussieerde. Zelf vond ik het een briljant boek. Het was overigens het eerste wat ik van deze auteur las later heb ik ook American Psycho en Lunar Park gelezen, die mij eigenlijk alleen maar hebben gesterkt dat mijn interpretatie van toen wel degelijk klopte. Vanwege de vele gesprekken besloot ik mijn gedachten erover op papier te zetten. Zelf laat hij zich zelden eenduidig uit over zijn werk.

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Then Victor meets the strange and vague F. Victor takes the job and eventually finds Jamie and before he fully realizes it, he is waist-deep in the bizarre and violent happenings of an international terrorist group made up entirely of fashion models. Advertisement: The book is a pitch-black Satire of celebrity culture with a dollop of Gorn and side of Meta Fiction. It embraces several Ellis hallmarks drugs and booze galore, disaffection, meaningless sex , but offers some departures from the usual Ellis fare.

This novel provides examples of: And I Must Scream : There are quite a few shocking scenes that are this. Victor, Bobby and Jamie have very graphically described and at times acrobatic sex. Bobby and Victor both penetrate each other and though Victor has thrown around some homophobic slurs, he certainly seems to enjoy it. The Beautiful Elite : Well of course! The Cameo : You know how Zoolander was bursting at the seams with cameos? This manages to go beyond it somehow. There are sentences in the novel that are just Long Lists of famous people at one particular event or another.

Advertisement: He uses "Spare me! City of Spies : It seems like it at times. Depraved Bisexual : Bobby Hughes is probably the strongest example. Everyone Is Bi : Certainly seems this way. Fashion Show : It is about models after all.

Fetch Quest : This is where the plot seems to be going,but then it takes a hard turn. Gainax Ending Gorn : Yep. An especially brutal example is the death of Chloe. Meta Fiction : An interesting example. Some people argue that this indicates that Victor is a schizophrenic. Too Dumb to Live : Oh, Victor. Unreliable Narrator : In a way, Victor is an accidental case of this.

The reader is able to pick up on events and meanings of things in the story that Victor is too air-headed or conceited to detect at least at first. Unsettling Gender Reveal : Bobby Hughes does this to Victor gives him a blowjob while dressed as a woman on the cruise-liner as a way to steal an sensitive object for Victor.

But considering the bisexual threesome that Bobby, Victor and Jamie engage in later Also appearing are: Lauren and Bertrand from the same book. Jamie is technically a Ellisverse character as she was indeed mentioned by Victor as a former girlfriend in The Rules of Attraction.


Glamorama (e-book)

In stark minimalist prose Ellis chronicled the desultory world of wealthy Los Angeles teenagers living a hollow existence of drugs, soulless sex, casual violence, and consumer extravagance. Comparisons to F. Scott Fitzgerald and a latter day "lost generation" were drowned out by the more derisive label of "brat pack" that was soon attached to Ellis and several other hot young s authors with splashy book contracts, in particular Jay McInerney Bright Lights, Big City and Tama Janowitz Slaves of New York. American Psycho is narrated by Patrick Bateman, 26 year-old investment broker and serial murderer. The novel was eventually published by Random House as a Vintage paperback amid protests that it be boycotted.


"Glamorama": Ellis im Wunderland

Het boek is geschreven in een periode van zeven weken waarin Ellis voortdurend onder invloed was van speed. Het boek verhaalt over een jongen Clay die alles al heeft, behalve iets te verliezen. Het verhaal speelt zich af in scholierenkringen in Los Angeles. Het boek is verfilmd in onder dezelfde titel met in de hoofdrol Andrew McCarthy als Clay en opvallend is de bijrol van een jonge Robert Downey Jr. Een van de hoofdrolspelers is Sean Bateman, de broer van Patrick Bateman.

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