Digore I really like this pdf. Lots of roleplaying possibilities in this one. The Orcs are largely guros up in the North west, protected by the Desert. It would change the flavor a lot.

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Arashisar Djinn in the Southwest, ruled by Elven spirit beings fussed into human bodies, is the largest of such by area. I think that I can say with some certainty that city and island both would be very much improved with the sudden addition of a very large rock. They are the demons and devils who are cursed by the gods and thus the gods or holy items have power over them. The world of Yrth was home ugrps several sentient races and sub races. The Elven lands in the west became the Great Desert.

Many issues of Pyramid contain exciting locales, and these installments are of particular interest to Locations readers. Yeah, you can do that. Had not more than half abjdos Elven population on the continent of Ytarria been erased from existence by the appearance of the Great Desert, the newcomer problem might have been put under some sort of control earlier on.

What about undead rats whose job it is — abyos to constantly gnaw on the wood until they form a hole? Basically, they see raising the bodies of the dead to serve and aid the living as totally normal, natural, and right. True Faith would affect undead whose souls are not in their proper Good afterlife. Which is fine, of course. Imagine if you will, that you have undead whose only tactic is to grab a soldier, and gutps into the lake dragging him screaming into the water. And peoples and animals from other worlds began appearing in vast numbers.

This could be explained as being different aspects of fhe same god. Unachimba May 10, at 9: Abydos, by David Pulver. The holy gods grant holy powers and they often fight amongst themselves just like in the real world.

My secret is that I have no need for Good to be good, or Evil to be evil, or Squid to be calamari. Yrth exists as a parallel world to Earth, and is known to Infinity as a Fantasy parallel in Q5with a divergence point that probably occurred when the Pangean supercontinent existed. Judas, to the Lazarite Christians. It covers the Banestorm campaign setting. It should be noted that prior to the publication of Banestorm, Sea Elves were simply Elves who lived on the coasts and worked the seas.

It would do well as a sandbox lots of crime to work on, or commit or an episodic drama a dame walks into your office, with a problem with her zombie husband and his necromancer lover. Page 1 of 3. The player characters are in some safe warm city of Megalos minding their own business. Find More Posts by b-dog.

Thursday, Abysos 8, Review: So Abydos is a medieval-cum-Renaissance city, similar gurpe those of Italy, but with a magical bent, a lot of undead, and a strong Christian tradition albeit a heresy. I actually prefer them to be indifferent towards good.

These include a wide selection of people from Earth, who brought their own cultures and religions with them. Abydos cover lg. What I find puzzling however, is the number of mageborn that can be found within the city — far out of proportion to the normal numbers in other areas of Yrth.

Living slaves held in stasis and tattooed with the words to a single spell. Western empire with rivalsIslamic bipolarDwarven empireElvish diffuse. Related Posts



Always Available — Click here to buy! Abydos: The merest whisper of the name sends shivers down the spines of the God-fearing people of Yrth. What lurks in the forbidden city of Abydos is so great a heresy, the Church suppresses all mention of its very existence. But such loathing has no meaning for the shambling, silent bodies who roam the streets of Abydos.


Instead of good and evil use holy and unholy. Abydos tends to be a somewhat gendered society already; maybe the necromancer mages are women and the the undead-animating priests are men Worlds and major regions are all fine and good, but when you already have the big picture and your campaign needs a narrower backdrop for adventure, abyvos can be challenging to come up with something interesting on short notice. Find More Posts by b-dog. The undead would have to be created by wizardly magic because holy clerical powers would not be able to create undead. Divergence Point Unknown; possibly million years ago, when Pangaea split differently.


But sometimes you want to shake things up. Most important, it suggests scenarios and encounters. No one must know of this, or my wife will never have the chance to recover our son, will you help me? I think that I can say with some certainty that city and island both would be very much improved with the sudden addition of a very large rock. The Ravens might have some sort of Zombie Master power where the Will of the zombies would equal the Will of the leader if they are within a close enough distance.

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