If it had been with the inhabitants of Baghdad, the Tatars would not have taken the city. This wazaifa spiritual devotional practice showers the rain of light Nur and the hidden secrets asrar would be manifest to him. It will also help you Control the heart from temptation of the desire hawa and fantasies and will remove difficulties and will grant both worldly and religious success to the reader. Then the wind shifted so that we were sailing into it. So we tied up to the bank of the Nile at an uninhabited spot. We remained there about a week within sight of the hills of Cairo.

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Listening to these powerful words can transform your life. Relax do three breathing cycles and play the video. Imagine a long stretch of white sandy beach, imagine an emerald green ocean. Walk into the ocean. Feel the water slowly reaching your waist as you walk slowly into the sea. Dive into this ocean of brilliant green light and breath the green light into your lungs, your heart and your entire body!

Best to be practiced when one first wakes up or before you sleep. If it had been with the inhabitants of Baghdad, the Tatars would not have taken the city. What an excellent Iord is my Lord! What a wonderful sufficiency is my sufficiency! Your plea to You is for protection, in movements and moments of rest, in words, desires, and passing thoughts, from doubts, suppositions and illusions that over hearts veil the sight of the unseen. The faithful were tried; They were severely shaken.

Then the hypocrites would say and with those of disease-ridden hearts, "God and His Messenger promised us only delusion. Put in subjection to us every sea of Yours in earth and heaven, in this domain and the celestial, the sea of this world and the sea of the next. Render subservient to us everything, "O You, whose hand holds sovereignty over everything" Quran. Open to us the hand of mercy, for You are the best of openers. Pardon us, for You are the best of pardoners.

Be compassionate toward us, for You are the best of those who show compassion. Sustain us, for You are the best of sustainers. Guide us and rescue us from the unjust people. Send us a gentle breeze, as You do know how to do, and let it blow on us from the storehouses of Your mercy. Let it bring us along as if by miraculous intervention, with security and well-being, in religion, worldly affairs, and the hereafter. You are powerful over all things.

God, facilitate for us our affairs, with ease of mind and body, with security and well-being in religious and worldly matters. Be a companion for us on our journey, and a guardian for our families. Blot out the countenances of our enemies, and transform them where they stand, disabling them from leaving or coming to US.

If We willed, We would blot out their eyes. Yet, they would race forward to the path. But how would they see? If We willed, We should transform them where they stand. Thus, they would be unable to leave or return Q By the Wise Quran! Surely You are one of those sent on a straight path!

A revelation sent down by the Mighty, the Merciful, that You might warn a people whose fathers had not been warned.

Yet, they do not take heed. The declaration has been confirmed against the greater part of them. Yet they do not believe. We have circled their necks with chains up to the chin, but they hold their heads high.

Before them have We placed a barrier, and behind them a barrier, and We have obscured their vision; so they see not Quran


Hizbul Bahr- The litany of the Sea- Arabic-English-Transliteration-Imam Shadhili Rahimahullah

Dizahn Best places for reading hizbul bahr. War zuqna fa-innaka khayr-ruraa ziqeen. Yet, they do not take heed. May [God] bless our walls. If it had been with the inhabitants of Baghdad, the Tatars would not have taken the city. Anonymous 15 January at Yet they do not believe. Popular Tags Blog Archives.


Hizbul Bahr & Hizbul Nasr



Hizb Bahr - Litany of the Sea




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