Shelves: classics , humor , audio , libby-app , read-in , coronavirus-read , p-g-wodehouse The infamous cow creamer is back. This is also known as Jeeves in the Offing. Loved it! And the version I listened to had Ian Carmichael as the narrator. Well done, sir! This one is a gem that might make casual observers of your reading gain evidence that you are off your rockers!

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It is a Jeeves and Wooster story. Jeeves is going off on vacation, so Bertie is particularly pleased to get an invitation to stay with his Aunt Dahlia. As usual, Dahlia has a job for him. Bertie is less than pleased about this, because along with Phyllis came her stepfather, the Rev. Aubrey Upjohn. Upjohn was once the tyrannical, Dean Bitterman headmaster of the boarding school where young Bertie was educated, and Bertie fears him still.

Upjohn was mentioned several times in the Jeeves and Wooster canon when Bertie remembers his school days, this is the only time he ever appeared in a story. Bertie is even more horrified when he sees an announcement in the newspaper that Roberta "Bobbie" Wickham has gotten engaged to one Bertram Wooster. Continuity Nod : Many, probably more than usual.

The Ditz : Phyllis, who is a sweetheart but also very very dumb. He wrote a book about preparatory schools. Did you know he had written a book about preparatory schools? Nobody tells me anything. Phyllis: Well, he wrote this book about preparatory schools. It was about preparatory schools. Aunt Dahlia: About preparatory schools, was it? I had a feeling we should get somewhere if we dug long enough. Exact Words : Bobbie tells Mrs. Cream that "Swordfish" the butler "has been with Sir Roderick Glossop for years.

She is too volatile and frivolous I would always hesitate to recommend as a life partner a young lady with quite such a vivid shade of red hair. That forces Upjohn to drop the libel suit against Reggie. Grammar Nazi : An entire paragraph where Dahlia is raging at Aubrey Upjohn is continually interrupted by Bertie noting how his aunt confuses "who" and "whom".

Hidden Depths : Sir Roderick Glossop, the "nerve specialist" aka "looney doctor", who is stealthily observing Willie Cream. Glossop was once an antagonist to Bertie, but in this book Bertie discovers that when he was a young man Glossop was often involved in the same sort of silly adventures that Bertie regularly gets into. The Password Is Always "Swordfish" : Sir Roderick, who is surreptitiously watching Willie Cream to judge just how crazy he is, has assumed the identity of a butler named "Swordfish".

Poor Communication Kills : Bobbie Wickham announces her engagement to Bertie because she knows her mother hates Bertie—the idea is to soften Mom up for the man she really wants to marry, Reggie Herring. She receives it, and dumps him for real. Rake Take : In the backstory. Bertie remembers with irritation how he once stepped on a rake and had the handle hit him on the nose, which caused his companion Bobbie Wickham to roar with laughter.

As they wait for Upjohn to arrive, Freddie hides in the bushes, and Bertie says "his upper lip was stiff. Jeeves explains that it was worth embarrassing Bertie in order to checkmate Upjohn and get the Cream deal done. Bertie, who really likes his uncle Tom, says "how right you are, Jeeves," and the book ends.


Jeeves in the offing

Plot[ edit ] An old friend Bertie went to preparatory school with, Reginald "Kipper" Herring , is staying with Bertie for a week. Bertie eagerly accepts an invitation from his aunt, Aunt Dahlia , to her home, Brinkley Court , since Jeeves is about to go to Herne Bay on holiday. While the two of them are in Harrogate , Mr. Upjohn hopes to stand for a local election after giving a speech at the Market Snodsbury grammar school, and Phyllis is typing his speech.


Jeeves in the Offing


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