Master Data Management Our multi-domain, business-centric MDM solution delivers trusted data across the enterprise for analytical and operational needs. Running your business and analyzing results with accurate and consistent data is paramount to operating efficiently and being successful. You must know your customers. You must know your products, and ensure they are produced and manufactured so you turn a profit.

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The workbench provides developer access to a Kalido MDM hub and allows them to manage master data within a custom-built web application. Custom web applications can facilitate process forms and flow to maximize efficiency across the organization. The workbench also provides a handy collection of pre-built objects to accelerate web development around common master data management tasks. The MDM Workbench enables custom applications to apply business rules on the front-end at the point of authoring and then push the data out to cloud-based or on-premises systems.

Validation can be any combination of custom business rules managed within the Kalido MDM hub, duplicate prevention or validating against the downstream systems.

All validations can be done up-front while the data stewards are actively working the data, instead of discovering issues days or weeks later after poor quality data has already been published to multiple operational systems. This saves the time, effort and expense of correcting bad or incomplete data later.

Unit of Work-based Processing With the MDM Workbench, web developers can create forms based on stewardship tasks by combining multiple categories of master data on a single page. The concept also applies in managing subjects across consuming systems.

For example, an organization might take advantage of multiple cloud-based systems to manage HR functions. Employees may be on-boarded by the process in one system, assigned to a training program in a different system, and receive a performance review from a third system.

With a Kalido MDM application created in the MDM Workbench, a single form can add a new employee, enroll them into the learning management system and create an entry in the human capital management with the new job description. Mobile Device Support Increasingly, people are working from mobile devices.

With the MDM Workbench, developers have the ability to accommodate custom MDM applications from smaller devices such as smartphones, by creating screens that work specifically for device operating systems and browsers, as well as accommodate touch interfaces to ensure drop-down menus work correctly, etc. This capability extends master data stewardship participation to a wider audience and allows for mobile users to be productive players in the process.

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