Трехполосная модель CiQT имеет максимально допустимую мощность Вт и чувствительность 87 дБ, и объединяет низкочастотный излучатель с полипропиленовым диффузором и установленным на него высокочастотным излучателем с двумя установленными по бокам низкочастотными динамиками того же размера. Необходим дополнительный источник питания 12 В. Ободок и декоративную решетку акустической системы можно окрашивать под интерьер помещения. Рабочие характеристики этой акустической системы должны соответствовать или превосходить следующие критерии: Диапазон воспроизводимых частот на расстоянии 1 метр по оси излучения для синусоидального сигнала переменной частоты должен быть 87 Гц — 27 кГц. Чувствительность должна быть не менее 87 дБ для 2,83 В на расстоянии 1 метр. Импеданс должен составлять 8 Ом, а максимально допустимая мощность должна быть Вт.

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KEF Ci Please see the wiring diagrams at the end of this document for proper control wiring. For the Ci Please note that the main power supply must always remain energised or the speaker All Models: 1 Although the units will work with a 12volt power supply that has mA available per connected speaker, the system will work much better if a larger power supply is used to provide some head room.

We suggest a minimum of mA be available per speaker. It is important that a high quality supply be used that has less than mV AC Ripple.

Power supply is connected with polarity reversed. This will likely damage the control board and require the need to replace the control board. When using a 12V trigger from a surround receiver not connecting both the negative lead from the 12V trigger and 12V power supply to the black negative power wire on the speaker.

This will cause unpredictable and hard to diagnose behaviour. But if one of the two limit switches is out of alignment then power to the motor would not shut off properly and after remaining in this mode for a while thermal protection on the board will engage.

To test this condition, shut off both the 12volt power supplies and let sit for approx. Reconnect power and the motor should then function properly if the speaker is cycled. You must check and adjust the limit switches or the problem will reoccur. There are two possible reasons why the limit switch problem is happening. One is that one or more corners of the product were over tightened when installed and this is causing excessive flexing of the mounting frame which is pushing the product out of alignment.

Adjust the mounting screws if this is the problem. The other potential reason is that the limit switches were set too close to one end of their tolerance and the normal flexing of the products when installed is causing them to not engage properly. This is very uncommon on the.


In-ceiling speakers



KEF Audio Ci3-80QT Specs


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