Digital-multitrack designers usually include no more than a few task-assignable channel parameter knobs for all hands-on EQ and effect adjustments, yet the D has a knob for every EQ band, effect-send buss and channel pan, all laid out in traditional mixer style. Korg have even been crafty enough to give the recorder something to my eyes of the look of a Mackie mixer, using white screen-printing on a charcoal-grey chassis. Appearances aside, the D has enough recording and editing features for the production of good demos, or even for relatively unprocessed album material, and certain of its features make it well suited for capturing material on location, which is then transferred to computer for further processing. Main Features Making use of a hefty 40GB internal hard drive, the D simultaneously records and plays back eight tracks of bit uncompressed audio at These can be transferred to a computer via USB 2.

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The phone jack inputs are all TRS balanced types. Unbalanced input is also supported, allowing you to directly connect a variety of audio sources. Page 10 These adjust the volume that is sent from each channel to the master bus. While the D is operating, hold the ON button down to access the Power Off dialog box and select Yes to shutdown the D and return to the standby mode. Then you can use the main power switch to turn the power off completely.

Page Basic Operation Connect your monitor speakers or headphones, and turn on the power. Before you start recording your own songs, take a minute to listen to the demo song provided with the D Listen to the demo song When shipped from the factory, the D contains a pre-recorded demo song. If something other than the demo song is shown, select the demo song as described in p.

The channel faders only adjust the audio level to the master and monitor outputs. Page Adjusting The Playback Sound In this example, channel 1 should be panned left, and channel 2 panned right to preserve the stereo imaging of your keyboard. The D provides a master track for mixdown. Adjusting the tone and volume of each track Page Operation When you turn on the power, the display will show this Lev- el Meter screen.

Display content and settings Page Song And Location Creating a new song This operation allocates space on the hard drive for record- ing. You can also refer to p. Page 23 Storing a mark 1 Move to the location that you want to store. Page Mixer If you use phantom power, please be aware that it is supplied to all eight channels.

You may damage your mic or the D if you connect or discon- nect a mic while phantom power is turned on. Adjusting the input level On the D , the input channels correspond to the channel tracks.


Korg D888 User Manual



Korg D8 Owner's Manual



Korg D888 Owner's Manual


ASTM F1980-07 PDF


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