Оборудование данного класса отличается универсальностью, надежностью и простотой в использовании. Основные сферы применения: дизайн, строительство, реклама, образование, производство. Благодаря печати такого высокого качества модели получаются очень детализированными и гладкими. Данный принтер смог достигнуть 15 микрон по осям X и Y, что позволяет качественно печатать даже объекты с маленькой, утонченной детализацией. Ось Z имеет минимальный шаг в 1. С точки зрения печати PLA большим преимуществом является то, что на экструдеры принтера установлены вентиляторы.

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Firstly, because it has an open environment that allowed us to use a variety of materials rather than limiting to just one. Creating tooling for the production line. The return on investment has been very fast, in about 6 months. We have noticed that our flexibility and our speed to try new concepts has increased exponentially. We chose the Bolt Pro because of its rigidity and the option to print two parts simultaneously with the two heads.

Another advantage is the ability to print high-temperature materials. These prototypes are actually tested on board by cabin crew. Final designs are mass produced by injection molding from certified materials. The dimensional accuracy of the prints is very good. We believe the Leapfrog Bolt Pro is a very reliable machine for the way we use this equipment. Serial tool production in our production line We have inserted 3D printing into our assembly process throughout the whole production line Summarizing, our engineers using the Leapfrog 3D printers are more than thrilled about the results and potential the Leapfrog printers have; your 3D printers are better from numerous points of view printing materials, IDEX, build volume etc.

At the same time, we also see room for improvements and are happy to share feedback for further development ideas. Print quality — We had a few samples made up on the Leapfrog bolt and were pleased with the results Price — The cost was in the right ballpark to be able to make the business case for the leadership team. Why did you choose the Bolt Pro 3D Printer? The Bolt is fitted with a large build volume.

Large enough to create prototypes that can be tested for improvement. It also can print many different types of materials, including flexible plastic. In general, 3D printing using flexible material can prove to be difficult, but the advanced Direct Drive of the Bolt controls the flow of the filament expertly through the nozzle. What are we using the Leapfrog 3D Printers for?

For prototyping, to be able to develop new products quickly. Today we have many different models of Crocs footwear. What is your general impression of 3D Printing and the Leapfrog Bolt? Enthusiasm for the Bolt has started to become recognized outside of Crocs innovation department with our international colleagues. We recommend this machine for prototyping purposes in most professional environments.

This is mainly evident in Orthopedic Surgery where doctors use 3D printing to help treat patients musculoskeletal system. What are the models used for? Most of the global leading companies in engineering, the automobile industry, robotics, architecture, and medical care have integrated 3D printing into their workflows to cut lead times and to bring back control of the process in-house. These range from prototyping parts before mass production, to producing functional parts that can demonstrate how a part will work.

To help these companies, Leapfrog 3D Printers designs and produces a range of professional 3D printing solutions that aim to help our customers achieve results faster and produce the highest quality 3D printed parts.

Trusted by Professionals Professionals around the world are using functional 3D printing to drastically improve their product development process in various ways. Besides a lot of very positive things I have only a few minor points of criticism. What I enjoyed most were the two independent extruders, the air filter and the good print quality when printing with ABS and many other materials.

The intuitive interface, massive build volume, closed print chamber and independent dual extruders make this printer a true workhorse that will bring your prints to the next level.


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