His posthumous reputation, although largely mythologised, is deserved. For my part, Madeline Montalban was part of the furniture of my life since childhood. I could have told you who Madeline Montalban was when I was nine. I remembered her mainly as having written most of the articles about the Tarot, mysterious and forbidden. Austin Spare was feted as an artistic genius in his teens. Spare tried to launch magazines and exhibit work, and founded his own magical system.

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Bedridden for the course of the illness, she read literature to entertain herself, enjoying the works of Edward Bulwer-Lytton , H.

Rider Haggard and E. She also read the Bible in her youth, becoming particularly enamored with the texts of the Old Testament , and was convinced that they contained secret messages, a theme that became a central tenet of her later Luciferian beliefs.

Her reasons for doing so have never been satisfactorily explained, and she would offer multiple, contradictory accounts of her reasoning in later life. According to this story, when she first visited him at his lodgings in Jermyn Street, he was suffering from an asthma attack, and having had experience with this ailment from a family member she was able to help him, earning his gratitude. They had a daughter, Rosanna, but their relationship deteriorated and he left her for another woman.

Various individuals who knew her would comment that she had in her possession a framed blurry picture of Mountbatten with an individual who looked like her. Giles", an area of Central London which she would later inhabit.

Giles flat of a "Mrs. South", probably a reference to Montalban, who often used the pseudonym of "Mrs North". Starting with a series on the uses of the tarot , in May she was employed to produce a regular astrological column for Prediction.

She never wrote any books, instead preferring the shorter booklets and articles as mediums through which to propagate her views, and was critical of those books that taught the reader how to perform their own horoscopes , believing that they put professional astrologers out of business. In she met Nicholas Heron, with whom she entered into a relationship. An engraver, photographer and former journalist for the Brighton Argus , he shared her interest in the occult, and together they developed a magical system based upon Luciferianism , the veneration of the deity Lucifer , or Lumiel, whom they considered to be a benevolent angelic deity.

Giles district of Holborn. Here, she was in close proximity to the two primary bookstores then catering to occult interests, Atlantis Bookshop and Watkins Bookshop, as well as to the British Museum. After her death, he continued publishing astrological prophecies in Prediction and Prediction Annual until summer The two became friends, with Montalban believing that she could see the "Mark of Cain " in his aura.

Within her Order, she emphasised that her followers discover their own personal relationship with the angelic beings, including Lumiel. Each of these beings was in turn associated with certain days, hours, minerals, plants, and animals, each of which could be used in the creation of talismans that invoked the angelic power.


The Thomson-Leng Tarot and Madeline Montalban

Her faith was Luciferian and she refers to Lucifer as the Angel Lumiel in her writings. She saw Lumiel as a benevolent force that helps humanity evolve. Her magick, like mine, was based on working with the seven Archangelic rulers of the Planets, as well as Lumiel and a few other Archangels. You can read more about her fascinating life HERE. Madeline Montalban made a name for herself by appearing regularly in Prediction Magazine, where she wrote articles on various occult topics. I knew I had to have this deck, even before being aware of the connection with Ms.


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Very little public information is available about the English occultist Madeline Montalban, so this article may help to shed some light on the Luciferian witch who cured Aleister Crowley for years of his astma. Madeleine Montalban I stumbled upon this mysterious lady when I was doing research for the two chapters on magick in my book Vamachara At the time I had just finished that magnificent work Firechild by Maxine Sanders, which raised questions about the athor of another book: The Sacred Magic of the Angels by David Goddard. Goddard, who intruduced me into ritual magick, about 15 years ago, when I was invited by my good friend Mike Bais to attend a workshop of David. The Sacred Magic of the Angels is a very important book. The most important thing about the book is the fact that David and Maxine Sanders spend a lot of time working on a manuscript, provided via Alex Sanders by Madeline Montalban, which was mainly about a very raw and pure form of angel magic. Angels were used in their original function as intermediates of the planetary force they were connected to.

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