Stabiliti-va scopurile inalte Milioane de oameni din toata lumea si-au imbunatatit viata folosind cartea Puterea magica a gindului. Considerat a fi unul dintre cei mai mari experti in motivatie, dr. Schwartz va ajuta sa vindeti mai bine, sa conduceti mai bine, sa castigati mai multi bani si, ceea ce este cel mai important, sa obtineti o mai mare fericire si pace sufleteasca. Puterea magica a gindului va ofera metode practice, nu promisiuni desarte.

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Were you hoping a bigger house? Schwartz Think success, dont think failure. The mantra of believe in yourself is the premise of this book. The copy I have read was first published in This was one of the books I found in my grandfathers bookcase and one which I kept after he died. This is second time I have read this book with many years between the readings. I know the book has been re-published many times since and is available. The reason I selected this book to write a review is that maybe a newer generation might find it an interesting book to read, and they might not have heard about it before.

The book is really a tutorial of how to respond positively to events with mini stories describing how other people have handled both negative and positive events in their lives. This gives the reader a clear understanding of how to approach similar situations with good advice. Because, if you do not believe in yourself you are more likely will not succeed.

I have always believed that to succeed in anything you have to have confidence in yourself. The more confidence you have within you the more other people will believe in you.

We fear failure more, partly because of the unknown and what other people might think about us. I have written about this subject because I feel we are all capable of achieving what we want. Sometimes we just need to understand that fear is only temporary when we start to take action. When we confront our fear head-on the more likely we will gain confidence in ourselves to tackle similar situations in the future.

I am not saying you should not aim high or set your goals high, but sometimes things are not always in our control. So we have to learn to aim high, but always remember that not everything is going to go our way. My analogy of this would be the climbing of Mount Everest, sometimes events and conditions are against you, but for those who keep trying they often reach the summit of their goal.

What we all must accept is that failure is part of success. Those that keep trying will find success, as long as they are prepared to evaluate their performance after each attempt and improve. We have to learn that success is more subjective and teach ourselves that taking part is a success. This will make us more confident as individuals with the right attitude to be a better person in this world.

This book is worth keeping and re-reading. David J. Then do something about it.


Puterea magica a gandului

Review-uri 0 Dr. SCHWARTZ — se numara printre clasicii literaturii moti-vationale, iar cartile sale au devenit bestselleruri imediat dupa publicare. Cariera sa de orator, ince- puta intr-o modesta scoala de tara, a cunoscut o ascensiune impresionanta. Schwartz a tinut peste 3 de seminare despre vanzari si management, a activat ca profesor la Universitatea de Stat Georgia din Atlanta si a fost fondatorul si presedintele companiei Creative Educational Services, o firma de consultanta specializata in dezvoltarea personala a liderilor.


Puterea magică a gândului



Puterea magica a gandului - David J. Schwartz




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