Customer Book Reviews Hoping for 4 in a series???? But, the emotional part was what kept me turning the pages. Radclyffe continues to give us strong characters, sensual material, and a thirst for more of her books! I was hooked after reading the first couple of pages.

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I think the name was throwing me off, kind of sounded like the books were written a long time ago but I was pleasantly surprised. I fell in love with this series in first couple of pages. The richness of the characters mixed with the ever surging storyline.

Well that all stopped when Cameron Roberts entered the picture. Cam coming back from medical leave after a botched drug bust that left her shot and her lover dead. While she talked with the previous commander she was made aware of the hostile protectee and more so of her irregular schedule but Cam thought there was more to the story.

When she first met with her team she laid down the law telling them to back off on the surveillance, give Blair some room to breath and make it easier on her so she will be more of an ally to her own protection rather than a hindrance. During their meeting Blair tries her best to seduce the agent and while on the inside Cam felt the stirrings of attraction she pushed those away to concentrate on the business at hand. During the story there are highs and lows, revelations and realizations, love and hate, and lust and desire.

The story unfolds at a perfect pace. Make sure you set aside some time to read because it is hard to put down. Love the way Radclyffe writes and look forward to being able to read more and more and for this we thank you! Tanto per riprendermi Girellando su Goodreads in cerca di ispirazione, mi sono imbattuta in Above all, honor: sembrava pieno di gente tosta e ipoglicemico, quindi mi sono buttata. Per questo ho trovato difficile simpatizzare con la sua sfortunata posizione di figlia del presidente degli Stati Uniti, che, oltretutto, deve anche nascondere il suo orientamento sessuale.

You just have to suspend disbelief and go along for the ride and I love this story of opposites whose magnetism pulls them together while their positions push them apart as real and imaginary hazards hover at every turn threatening to break their tenuous and uncertain connection.

Schnaucl It was okay. I found out about it because of an article on Slate. This is according to Ron Reagan, son of Ronald Reagan and he and his wife eventually did decline protection while his father was in office.

They send younger agents in when protectees are attending school. It just felt highly realistic to me and bordering on Mary Sueism. Cameron Roberts is dedicated, strong and powerful, with a singular focus - to keep Blair Powell safe.

Though she has her own vulnerability she keeps it well hidden behind walls, erected to keep her emotionally distant and aloof. The beautiful and intelligent Blair Powell feels like a caged animal fighting for her freedom, resentful of the rules and regulations that thwart her daily life. She is constantly belligerent and hostile to the Secret Service team. Cameron and Blair each find the other intolerable at times, but impossible to dismiss.

With the relentless onslaught of rule breaking and cat and mouse chases, the two women have to deal with a roller coaster of emotions. Coping with their own secrets and demons whilst fighting their growing attraction and respect for each other. Blair believes rules are there to be broken, find a weak spot and take advantage, regardless of the consequences.

Cameron dedicates her life to following rules and having structure in her life. The leading women are outstandingly portrayed and there is a marvellous cast of secondary characters. Over the years Radclyffe has nurtured every character, developed brilliant story lines and introduced us to charismatic secondary cast members until each one holds a place in your heart.

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Cost of Honor (Honor #10) by Radclyffe

I find it hard to believe no one has reviewed this author. Read and Enjoy. Interesting point of veiw, will definatly read more by this writer - Anna - Apr 25th, I enjoyed all 3 in the honor series and bought the novels. My favourite author by far. I also bought safe harbor my fave and loves melody lost.


Above All, Honor (2005)

This book is fast-paced and captivating By Netgalley. It also is a sweet romance between the campaign manager and a secret service agent. I liked how this book dealt with Alt-right groups and the threat to the president felt very grounded in reality This was my first Radclyffe book and I really enjoyed it Reviewed by Sloan Carter This read parallels what is currently going on in societies around the world By Netgalley. The ever present and interesting Blair Powell and Cameron Roberts are in the read along with other secondary characters that we know about from previous books in the series.


Love & Honor (Honor Series)

Wednesday, October 12, The Honor Series by Radclyffe I guess its common knowledge that Radclyffe can turn out a very readable romantic tale with a nice twist of drama and some hot moves by a pair of good looking ladies. Among the leading ladies we are always sure to find Radclyffes signature butch woman with a "soft" core. A tender heart needing the right kind of persuasion to be able to overcome past hurt and love again. The "Honor Series" is classic Radclyffe! So if you are fit and able to blend in with the crowed then tag along when I join Agent Cameron Roberts on her new assignment as commander of the Secret Service detail responsible for the security of Blair Powell, the daughter of the US president.


Books by Radclyffe

I think the name was throwing me off, kind of sounded like the books were written a long time ago but I was pleasantly surprised. I fell in love with this series in first couple of pages. The richness of the characters mixed with the ever surging storyline. Well that all stopped when Cameron Roberts entered the picture.

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