Schwaller de Lubicz spent fifteen years studying the art and architecture of the Temple of Luxor. Schwaller de Lubicz contrasts two opposing views: the analytic, mechanistic mentality of modern science and the synthetic, vitalist mentality of ancient Egyptian Sacred Science. He posits that only a symbolic mentality, like that cultivated in the Egyptian Temple, can think without objectifying and therefore can synthetically conceive the paradoxes inherent in the intimate life of matter, or nature in its ongoing genesis. Modern science has evolved to a new opening of consciousness confronted with paradoxes that reason alone cannot contend with. It will have to rise to a symbolic mode in order to integrate the complements in vital phenomena. Schwaller de Lubicz observes that in the past, fundamental and all-encompassing revolutions in the social, moral, and intellectual conditions of human life have coincided with the precession of the equinox.

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In his early days he wrote an analysis of the Secret Language of the Gothic Cathedrals, which he would not publish because of the value of the Sacred Knowledge, but which he did lend to his compatriot, the Master Alchemist, Fulcanelli, who proceeded, after refusing to return the manuscript for a period of years, to publish "his" masterpiece Les Mystere des Cathedrales.

Schwaller was able to read and write the "Language of the Gods", the Universal Symbolic Language of the Divine Mysteries, contained in all great Sacred texts, alchemical manuscripts and Sacred architecture.

Schwaller measured the entire building and proved that the plan was rigorously based upon human proportions and designed to symbolically represent man. The Temple of Man awakens us to the resurrection of the spiritual essence of man which has involved itself in matter. There is no question that this is the greatest cosmological work ever written, as well as one of the greatest spiritual texts. Schwaller was not a merely an intellectual, but a Master Alchemist who successfully applied the principles of transmutation to both matter and consciousness, giving his work the added significance of being capable of bridging that gargantuan gap between Cosmological Theory and Spiritual Application.

This is the first time the Initiated Mysteries and Sacred Hermetic Science of the Egyptian Priesthood have been laid out and explained, and in exhaustive detail. The contents of this book could not be found in 1, of the best works ever published on any of the related subjects.

The information revealed in this work has the power to create a much needed renaissance in science, art and spirituality, while redefining our interpretation of the universe, history, culture, and ourselves. Translated by Robert Lawlor, this page work gives, for the first time, a complete revelation of the Temple Wisdom, Cosmology and Mysticism of Ancient Egypt.

With over diagrams and plates, this masterpiece was intended by Schwaller to prove, once and for all, to the scientific and educated world, the advanced level of scientific and metaphysical wisdom possessed by this greatest of ancient civilizations. In the process he proves that Egypt, not Greece, is the cradle of Western culture and civilization, and demonstrates that a radical reevaluation of our origins is immanent. No thinking individual should forgo this opportunity to participate in what shall surely inspire a Renaissance of Scientific, Spiritual, Historical and Political Wisdom.

This is truly a book for the Information Revolution! The Temple of Man reveals clearly and holistically what before took the attempted deciphering of hundreds of books to hopefully understand. We have no hesitation in recommending this as one of the best books we have ever seen and the most important works in our 10, volume library! For everyone interested in Mysticism, Cosmology, Metaphysics, Markets, Science, Gann, and Baumring, this is the best explanation of most of it that you will ever find.

This 2 volume cloth set measures 9" x 12", is over 4" thick in a slipcase, and weighs 11 lbs. Volume 1: Pages, Illustrations. Volume 2: Pages, 51 Photographic Plates, Illustrations.

It weighs 12 Lbs.! We are not adding any premium, these are the costs for Air Mail. We have not had any feedback from Australia and other countries yet.


R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz

Moving to Paris from Alsace to study modern chemistry and physics, he developed an interest in Alchemy , reading every alchemical text he could find including those by Paracelsus and Ramon Llull. He also developed an interest in painting and became the student of Matisse. On 23 July the group dissolved and another group was formed in its place: Les Veilleurs "the Vigilants" , to which at least according to the historian Pierre Mariel the young Rudolf Hess belonged. Its uniform consisted of a dark shirt, high-boots and riding-breeches, akin to the Sturmabteilung.



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