If the checkbox is invisible, the corresponding document cannot be downloaded in batch. Related Links Part Naming Conventions Notes The Part Number column shows representative part numbers only, which may not be available for sale in the precise form shown. Each Part Number constitutes a product family which may contain multiple associated product configurations. Information is subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact your Toshiba sales representative for detailed environmental information about each specific part number or product, such as RoHS compatibility or material content. Please use Toshiba products only in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the inclusion or use of controlled substances, including without limitation the RoHS Directive.

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Note 2 Device considered a two terminal device :Pins1,2 and 3 shorted together and pin4 and pin6 shorted together. Additionally, each item is an independent guideline respectively. In developing designs using this product, please confirm specified characteristics shown in this document. Rin ? Vin RL 2k? The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Nevertheless, semiconductor devices in general can malfunction or fail due to their inherent electrical sensitivity and vulnerability to physical stress.

It is the responsibility of the buyer, when utilizing TOSHIBA products, to comply with the standards of safety in making a safe design for the entire system, and to avoid situations in which a malfunction or failure of such TOSHIBA products could cause loss of human life, bodily injury or damage to property.

The TOSHIBA products listed in this document are intended for usage in general electronics applications computer, personal equipment, office equipment, measuring equipment, industrial robotics, domestic appliances, etc. Unintended Usage include atomic energy control instruments, airplane or spaceship instruments, transportation instruments, traffic signal instruments, combustion control instruments, medical instruments, all types of safety devices, etc..

The information contained herein is presented only as a guide for the applications of our products. No responsibility is assumed by TOSHIBA for any infringements of patents or other rights of the third parties which may result from its use. GaAs Gallium Arsenide is used in this product. The dust or vapor is harmful to the human body. Do not break, cut, crush or dissolve chemically. Please contact your sales representative for product-by-product details in this document regarding RoHS compatibility.

Please use these products in this document in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that regulate the inclusion or use of controlled substances.

Toshiba assumes no liability for damage or losses occurring as a result of noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations.





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